Readiness Report - 11/03/2022

So round three of the Biking Blitz starts on Sunday. This round is in Galway at a trail center I've never been to. Let's get into how I'm feeling for it and my overall preparedness.

Honestly, I've done very little to nothing in terms of training these last two weeks. Starting Monday I decided I'd try and do 10 push ups every morning and 5 pull ups. Turns out I can't do 10 pull ups. I can just about do 5 with a break at the moment. This was something my friend Joe said years ago that has kinda stayed with me as something to try. I've stuck fairly well with this plan, I only missed one day so far. I also have a workout regime done up for me by Anthony. Unfortunately it's been gathering dust since I got it.

The last two weeks I've really been lacking motivation. I didn't even manage to get out for a light cycle at the weekend. The best I did was to cycle to the post office to post a package. Not exactly race training there. Given the geopolitical climate and the outbreak of war, this lack of motivation is not a surprise. I'm hoping that the race will reignite my desire to train, or at least maintain my current fitness and not derail my goals.

Mark reminded me that resting isn't always a bad thing. That sometimes it's just what your body needs to come back stronger. Reflecting on that conversation I'm reminded of the importance support structures are to help you through times like this. Something Hannah has told me umpteen times, ask for help. Or at least talk about what's in your head. It will negatively affect your performance. I am so very grateful I have such supportive people in my life. My wife has helped me talk through so much over the years we've known each other. My friends and family have also been a great support to me. I am very fortunate, and grateful, to have these people around me.

We'll see how I get on at the weekend, but I wouldn't be willing to race at all if not for the support I've gotten from Hannah. I know how fortunate I am, but it's important I feel to recognize and discuss that everyone has these times. If you have a good support structure, whether it's friends, family, a partner, or a professional, it's good to talk through things. It's obviously important while biking to to have your mind clear. With the help of your support and recognizing when you need it will make you better able to perform.

I hope you're able to look after yourself during these times if you too are having a tough time. Don't forget to reach out and ask for help. I'll hopefully see you on the trails, and best of luck.