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I've been told having goals is good. Having realistic and achievable goals is the best. This is the first year I'm entering a race series with anything close to the latter. My goal this year is to enter some races and enjoy them. Treat them as organized fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, "nothing more" isn't quite right. I've not got aspirations of a podium. I'd love to complete every round without having to walk any sections. Certainly minimal to zero walking is a big target. That's my big goal. I may fall at the first round. I know there's a couple of climbs that I don't usually make, and I've not exactly been training for this series. That's why it's a soft rather than hard 'no walking'.

The other goal is to compete in a 100km gravel race this year. I've my eyes set on The Gravel Grind West. Specifically event 3, Wild Nephin. This is all in preperation of me aiming for the Leadville 100 MTB race. Leadville has been something I've dreamt about for years. Never really setting achievable goals to get there. This year I'm starting to change that.